China Vacation in Spring Festival by Adam Brown


As the most important traditional festival of China, Spring Festival has got a high degree attention among Chinese people. Also being called the Lunar New Year, Chinese Spring Festival has undergone more than 4,000 years history. Celebrating family reunion, it is full of rich and colorful preparations including colorful activities, hope and some different celebrations. Today, I would like to show you this dazzling festival.

China Spring Festival

Legends of Spring Festival
In China, all the people would call the Spring Festival as 'Guonian' which has the meaning of passing a year. In Chinese traditional culture, there is an old saying that 'nian' was a kind of horrible monster. It will eat one kind of animal including human being a day. So the human beings felt very scared that they would stay at home when the 'nian' came out. After a long time, people found that this kind of horrible animal is afraid with the red color and fireworks. So, after that, every year, when the festival came, they would buy some red color and fireworks to drive away 'nian'. Now, you would still see the red color and fireworks using.

Happy Children in Spring Festival
In China, when Spring Festival is coming, all the schools would have a long time holiday. The children play with their friends and enjoy their lovely childhood during the festival. When this special day comes, they will dress the most beautiful clothes sent by their parents and enjoy the most delicious food. Apart from this, the elders will put money in the red envelope as a gift for kids. In China, this money was called 'yasuiqian', which has the meaning of keeping their kids young and lovely forever.

China Spring Festival

Special Taboos during Spring Festival
For Chinese people, Spring Festival is a new start for a new year, so it is regarded as an omen of a year. In order to greet such a grand festival, there are some taboos during this period. Many bad words are forbidden such as the 'death', 'broken', 'killing' and many other sentences. Different areas have different behaviors and cultures. In some places, taking medicine and losing money will be a bad phenomenon. They would predict that they would eat medicine and losing money all year.

Chinese Spring Festival is full of exciting and happy, as well as warm. Welcome your participant. 

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