My Short Experiences Explore Beijing by Eufemio Martinez Cintron


The tour that I booked from this local travel agency was ideal with very comprehensive itinerary. Since we only have short time in Beijing then this 4 days Beijing group tour was really suitable for us. For me, a visit to Beijing surely should not miss 2 iconic sites, Great Wall and Forbidden City. So our tour should be included a visit to those attractions. Then finally we choose this tour complete with accommodation.

At the first day of our tour, driver picked us up at the exit gate of Beijing airport holding a sign name of me. Arrived on time and the service was really reliable. Although driver who picked us cannot speak English, but he was really helpful and looks friendly. Anyway, we reached hotel safely. On the second day, we did visit Great Wall. Not really special actually, but it was nice to personally have a close look to the magnificent and famous Great Wall of China. That was like a dream comes true.

Mutianyu Great WallLike No Visitors on Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall is a really recommended section for visit. Although it is takes longer to get there, the Mutianyu section is a lot less busy and offers spectacular views as it is located in the mountains. We took the cable car up, it was cold and there is plenty of walking to do on the wall itself. Once on the wall you can spend a few hours walking up and down this section, took some pictures and memorize the moments.

Forbidden CityForbidden City Impressive Layout

Next magical place is Forbidden City. Although during those 4 days, we did visit lots of cultural sites around such as Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven or Ming Tombs etc. But, Forbidden City still is my best! According UNESCO, Forbidden City has listed as one of World Heritage sites as the largest collection of ancient wooden structures in the world. With beautiful buildings, gardens, museums and palaces inside the city walls, so in fact, I should prepare more time for exploring. Such a pity! We did not have that much time!

Here, we could have a close look to its authentic architecture details which are so impressive. Although for mostly people the building inside Forbidden City looks quite similar, but for me there were just amazing and magical. For art lovers, really recommended for allow yourself a minimum of half a day to stroll around and soak in the fantastic royal culture and design around you. Take in the diverse architectural styles of different eras and admire centuries of incredible antiques and art works which will take your breath away.

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Memorable 4 Days Xian Trip, Great Time! by Jesse


That was my second time visit China. The first trip to China was two years ago, we had a trip to Beijing. And last month, we decided to back to China again and we choose Xian. Xian is an ancient city, yes I knew it even before we got the trip. The famous Terracotta Warriors was really attractive, that was one of our reasons why we did choose Xian.

The tour overall was similar as our expectation and imagination. We could visit several historical attractions in Xian only with our limited time and got to know more about China and the city itself. From the airport pick up which was on time and the whole itinerary and schedule was very efficient.

Big Wild Goose PagodaBig Wild Goose Pagoda

On the first day after we met our guide, we could visit Shaanxi Provincial Museum and Big Wild Goose Pagoda. After that, on the evening, we also did see a fabulous and rich Tang Dynasty Show. The show is a must show that everyone should see when come to Xian. It told everyone who come about the image of China under Tang dynasty reign. The music and dance performance of ancient time we could see together with beautiful costumes that performers wore. Excellent show!

Terracotta WarriorsLarge Scale of Terracotta Warriors

On the second day, we really could visit Terracotta Army and City Wall, the highlights of the tour. I like and amazed by the atmosphere and image of the huge mausoleum complex. A great and unbelievable project of ancient China! Once entered the complex, we did see thousands of armies which has different face expression and outlook between one and another. They formed into a battle formation look like ready to protect their emperor after life. I just could not imagine how to build it at past. Just impressive and magnificent! Amazing!

The atmosphere inside the tomb was really sacred and mysterious I think. I did not really know why but I was felt kind of scared. Although we did visit many other destinations after that include Famen Temple and Qianling Mausoleum, but Terracotta Army is the best! I think it is very worth and ideal to make the mausoleum complex as one of the World Heritage and one of the seven wonders. Really happy to finally make it, the trip! Memorable experience, I would never forget it surely. Thank you for such a great arrangements for me and family! Appreciate it.

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