Comprehensive Tour to 3 Golden Cities in China by Krishnendu Anupum


That was my first time visit China and then I decided to explore 3 golden cities including Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. So I took this 8 days China tour which brought us explore many main sites in each city. Among all, of course a visit to Great Wall and Forbidden City is a must thing to do, then to Xian visitors should explore Terracotta Army then to Shanghai, you must stroll around the Bund. Everything essential things I did during 8 days China tour.

Forbidden CityHall of Supreme Harmony has the highest number of roof figures in the Forbidden City.

First visit to Beijing, most excellent experience by personally admire biggest wooden structures complex of imperial palace, Forbidden City. While walking around the palace, we felt like exploring the art museum with impressive design detail and layout. Everything was so rich with history and art. Because the explanation of our guides, we are also able to know about the cruel and amazing story behind each spot.

Terracotta ArmyTerracotta Army (PIT 1)

While visiting Xian, Terracotta Army should be the highlight! Same as everyone do feel, I also loved my experience visit this huge archeological finding. As the main purpose of the Terracotta army was to protect the emperor after death, so we heard it was built nearly after Qin emperor (The first emperor of China) ascended to the throne. Apart from its amazing and unbelievable history that you will also heard from guide explanation during the tour, Terracotta Army also has majestic displays, no one seems look alike. Among hundreds terracotta sculptures, they have own facial expression and gestures. The heights and weights of the Terracotta sculptures also different as the tallest are said to be the generals of the army. As one of World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO, Terracotta Army success made my tour memorable!

The day that we visited the Terracotta Warriors in early December 2013, it was a cold winter day, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was simply incredible. A museum was built on site in 1975, and visitors have been flocking there in droves to see these life size figures of warriors arranged in battle formations. They are exact replicas of what the Imperial Guard wore in those days, and the mere site of them is simply magnificent.

After Xian, of course our next stop is Shanghai, which also our last destination. We had so many happy, happy journeys together with my family. And since then, we are looking forward from our next trip to china in near future for sure.

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Complete and Attractive 6 Days Beijing Xian Holiday by Alva


We only got one week time in China and that was why I choose this tour line. 6 days Beijing and Xian tour was going so fast, seems little bit short and not enough to explore more about others historical sites in both cities. But never mind, we keep used our time efficiently and great! Basically, we explored all the most famous attractions in the capital. Those attractions include Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace etc without one less.

The structures of Great Wall and Forbidden City were amazing and so Chinese. Enjoyed the explanation that we got from our guide a lot. I even learned so many history and culture of China with this 6 days tour, in Beijing and Xian, two ancient capital of China. The most favorite attraction of mine was Summer Palace. It was just different with others historical sites in both cities. The huge garden is also offers the stunning landscapes and relaxing feeling, not only its rich historical story or background. Summer Palace was used as the royal garden of Qing Dynasty, a summer escape place for emperor.

Summer PalaceLate Spring Scenery in Summer Palace

In the center of the garden, there has a large manmade lake where people can ride the boat enjoying the scenery around. We could not even know the history before joined the tour. What the history of Summer Palace? How Summer Palace built? And why? From the guide, we knew all of the history behind its stunning garden. After a few minutes that we spent wandering the park we finally got into a long hallway which located near from the lake.

Summer Palace was an ideal place for an escape when summer comes, the air was fresh and cooler than the outside. Till now, I could not believe that the garden was built for only a relaxing place for the empress, used the military fund to restore the Summer Palace. Never mind, in fact the garden was a beautiful place for sure.

Xian City WallOld Xian City

Different from Beijing, when we were in Xian, we did see different side of China. I just directly could tell the different between Beijing and Xian. Because during the tour I am personally interested in history and the stories behind those attractions, so I heard all the tour guides explanations very clearly. It was an interesting experience to know about China history, very unique and complicated too. A worthwhile tour to join!

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