Deep Breath in Wuzhen Water Town by Rose


Everyone will be very familiar with Hangzhou West Lake. It is very famous for the large scale area, fresh charming sceneries and tranquil atmosphere. However, during Hangzhou tour, expect visit the highlights in city center, have a leisurely breath to the Wuzhen Water Town will be another kind of spiritual experience.

Wuzhen Water Town

Attractive Appearance of Wuzhen Water Town
It is always said that the most tranquil land around Hangzhou, Wuzhen Water Town is the first. It is truly a fantastic to enjoy fully relaxed and taste the folk culture of local people. Once enter into this town, what appeared in your mind will be the ancient atmosphere tracing back to 2000 year history. The scenes of series of bridges floating on the mild water and stone pathways between the mottled walls and its delicate wood carvings are very amusing and attractive. It is said that this town has housed the residence for over 7,000 years. Certain lifestyle and life habits have been formed. The typical feature of this town is its layout. Being divided into six districts, each of them could lead your long-time stopping and wandering. Apart from this, there are many impressive scenic spots for entertaining you.

Feeling Mao Dun and Fanglu Pavilion
As the Chinese ancient famous revolutionary - Mao Dun left his vivid shadow here. With the coverage area of 650 square meters, former residence of Mao Dun could lead your mind to the Chinese ancient times. Inspiring your spirits, this place will be an extremely terrific place. Apart from this former residence, you also could choose the Fanglu Pavilion. Getting the high fame of well-preserved and best teahouse in Wuzhen Town, this pavilion gets its name from an accidental meeting between Lu Tong and Lu Yu. You could have a leisurely enjoyment sitting in the teahouse. What the most important is that, tourists could enjoy a broad view of Guanqian Street.

Treasure of Wuzhen Water Town
Most tourists coming to this town will be amazed by the fantastic scene of Bridge in Bridge created by two ancient bridges. One is called Tongji Bridge and another is called Renji Bridge. No mater which one you stand on, you could appreciate another clearly. Here, you could choose enjoy the demonstration in the traditional workshops district and operate the machine yourself to get the idea of how the original work was carried.

Roaming in the traditional culture, sipping a cup of tea and relaxed by the bargaining on various souvenirs, you would find Wuzhen is truly tranquil beautiful!

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Top Entertainments in Hangzhou by Rose


As we all know, Hangzhou always appeared in our mind with tranquil, charming and delicate appearance. It is just like a fairy land waiting for sightseeing and enjoying. Landmark attraction - West Lake housed the main features of nature showing to the public. In addition, entertainments will be the second enjoyment in Hangzhou.

Nightlife in Hangzhou

After the daytime sightseeing or the tired laborious appreciating, these top entertainments will be the special places for relieving. Also, they could add more interests and colors to the fairy lands. With modern facilities and colorful decoration, each entertainment store will be the ideal choice for entertaining. Choosing them, you could appreciate the modern appearance of Hangzhou; you could smell the night view of Hangzhou. The most important is that you could enjoy fully relaxed here. Different theme clubs could show you different feeling and pleasure. Just entertaining, relieve your mind!

For most of the tourists who want to enjoy a tranquil environment and sipping cheap drinks, Maya bar will be ideal place. Here, you could not only enjoy romantic environment and cozy seats but also the cheap drinks with typical flavors. The service here is very considerate providing you the perfect treatment. Not far away from West Lake, the Eudora Station is another ideal choice. Terrific location, typical decoration and sure-fire atmosphere make here welcoming watering hole. Especially in the young tourists, it is an ideal place for entertaining and relaxing. Once entre into this world, you will be impressed by the strong music and luxurious decorations. Sports TV, live music, ground-floor terrace and a good range of beers as well as the barbecue fire add more typical features to this bar. If you are very interested in the tranquil town atmosphere, the Mingtown Youth Hostel could satisfy your desire. The lovely bar area is one of the most chilled-out sports in town containing cozy sofas, soft music and great atmosphere. Most of the fascinating is the roof garden established. It added romantic feeling to this whole bar. It will be a wonderful place leisurely enjoying the jazz scene in the JZ Club. Located near West Lake, this club offered the lively night atmosphere to the tourists coming to West Lake.

After getting these high-famed clubs and bars, are you looking forward to your Hangzhou tour?

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Enjoy West Lake Night Performance by Rose


As we all know, West Lake is a very popular destination among tourists during Hangzhou tour. In addition to explore Hangzhou highlights, there is another wonderful performance waiting for your enjoy. Being divided into several scenes, each of them could bring numerous shocks. Today, I will lead you walk into this performance.

Night Performance in West Lake

Flourishing West Lake Performance
Enjoying a cozy nightlife around the West Lake, it will be regret without enjoying the flourishing performance. Combining the song culture, dances, operas and acrobatics, etc. each of them could arouse big applause among the audience. From them, tourists could not only enjoy colorful gestures and wonderful performance but also grasp more about Hangzhou culture and civilization, as well as the remarkable customs. If you want to gain a lot, the night performance will be a fresh destination.

Five Amazing Scenes
The first scene is mainly referred to the Soldiers Training Performance by Wuyue. During the performing process, the main instruments are the drum and horns. In Chinese ancient times, the drum and horn are always used in the army to encourage the soldiers. So, in the beginning, it started as the warning. During this scene, once the drum beaten, soldiers will rush to the stage and stand in line and then performing the training performance. In the second scene, tourists will see the prosperity of Southern Song Dynasty. Hangzhou is a witness of Chinese Song Dynasty. From this scene, you will see the bustling Song Dynasty streets lined with shops and stores, etc. There are many legends happened in the third scene, just like the Romance of Liangzhu and Legend of the White Snake, etc.

Impressive Fourth and Fifth Scene
For the tourists who are very interested in the ancient court music, the fourth scene will be an ideal choice. During Chinese ancient times, imperial families always entertained themselves through the special music created by the court musicians. Once hearing the music, you will be shocked by the truly melodious. It will take you to the ancient times. The most attractive thing is that there will be many pretty girls dressing typical clothes dancing gracefully. Last scene will be the most exciting scene where you could make a lot of friends together. No matter whoever you are, where you are from, you could take part in and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries along West Lake.

West Lake Night Performance is truly a treasure during Hanzghou tour, do not miss it!

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