Short Private Excursion to Mutianyu Great Wall by Larry


Since it is my first time visit Beijing, the capital of China then basically I did not really understand about the traffic and condition there. After a short work in Beijing, my family and I, we did interest on visiting Great Wall on the weekend. Our destination is Mutianyu section of Great Wall. This is the recommendation section of Great Wall from the tour advisor as well as my collages and friends. We booked a private car from local travel agency from Beijing and just come travelled Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great WallMutianyu Great Wall in Autumn

At that day, driver and tour guide were waiting for us right in front of our hotel. They greet us friendly and told us everything about the details of the tour. Tour guide asked about our suggestions and demands about the whole itinerary. She is very informative and spoke good English. Thank you for her we could know about history and some conditions of Beijing.

The small van itself is comfortable and well prepared. In total of 6 people of us felt comfortable. The driver transferred us safety and fast to the Wall. Arrived at the Wall, tour guide just directly guided us to the entrance ticket to the Wall and helped us bought the cable car ticket there. We took the cable car for about less than 5 minutes and arrived at the top part of the Great Wall. Walk through plenty watch towers and saw stunning in surroundings. It was autumn, the weather was cooler than the downtown of Beijing. It could not stop us for continuing our way explored the rest way of the Wall.

Mutianyu Great WallCable Car on Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu is a section of Great Wall, bit far from Beijing but less crowded and has stunning sceneries. Along the way, we took so many pictures as memories. We could breathe fresh air and saw breathtaking views far from the city. Good memories that we could got from the tour. Thank you for all the organized tour that you arranged for us. My family and I, we could not resist for explore other attractions in Beijing next time. The transfer service was worth for the price that we paid. A short excursion to the area outside Beijing and we do not need think about the transportation. A wonderful day trip!

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