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When to Go for China Trip

China, sits at east of Asia and Pacific west bank, is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world with long history of 5,000 years, and greatly influenced culture of surrounding countries and nations. Would you like to explore the mysteries of this old country? China tour takes you to visit these historical sites and cultural relics inherited from history, and the quick development of this grand country. Usually, April, May, September and October are the peak tourist months in the most popular cities in China, because of the comfortable weather. But, no matter when you go to visit China, you have great chance to appreciate its most attractive sides.

China is the continental and seasonal climate. The northeast China has long and cold winter, is the tourist destination for enjoying the icy lantern, winter snow and various activities on ice, but the south China almost has no winter, is always warm. Owing to the large area, China has different climate characteristics and they are all unique and splendid. By this China travel tips to planning your China tour, you must enjoy your China tour happily!

China Spring
Spring in China is a beautiful and recovery season, everything is vivid. With little rain, its average temperature at about 10°C – 22°C as well as autumn. Spring is a delight season, attracts amounts of tourists to enjoy its blooming flowers.

China Summer
Summer in China is extremely hot with average temperature above 22°C. At this time, the summer resorts in northeast China are very popular for avoiding the summer heat. And summer is a rainy season, so travelers should prepare some facilities, such as the rain gears, sun cream, etc.

China Autumn
Autumn in China is the most comfortable season suiting to visit any city of China. In the early autumn, temperature is reasonable throughout China at about 10°C – 22°C, and is the best time to enjoy the harvest season. Autumn is covered by the large-scale of golden and red colors.

China Winter
Winter in China is incredibly cold, especially in northeast China. But the most famous Harbin Winter Ice Lantern Festival is the most interesting event in such sold winter. On the contrary, the south China is not very cold, seems like spring.

Tip for you:
In festival and holiday, the hot tourist destinations in China are very crowded. No matter when you plan to visit China, try to avoid these times especially May 1st – 3rd (Labor holidays) and Oct.1st -7th (Liberation Day).