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What to Pack for China Tours

China is possibly a world different your resident country, so before your China tour you should carefully read these tips to pack your trip. We also hope it is useful to smooth your China tour.

Tip 1: Take the passport with visas and travel documents
We recommend you prepare a copy of all documents kept separately to the original documents, in case original documents are lost. A copy is very useful for identification purposes.

Tip 2: Take a Chinese phrasebook
Before your China tour, you may choose a useful Chinese phrasebook which is very useful for travelers. If you meet any difficulty on your trip without any English speaking people around, you can seek help to your Chinese phrasebook.
Tip 3: Bring some cash on hand
In China, cash is widely used than credit cards. Some local restaurants and stores don't accept credit cards. And in some remote area, the cash is the only way of local payment.
Tip 4: Take the right clothing
Casual outdoor clothing depends on the tour season and destination in China. A pair of comfortable shoes is necessary. The winter in China is usually cold and windy and summer is hot with strong sunshine.
Tip 5: Take one of the Hotel's business card
Most hotels in China provide the business card, and you'd better carry one with you. If you far away from your hotel and do not know how to back it, the card will help you back to it easily.
Tip 6: Ask for a local tourist map from your hotel
In China, most hotels offer free tourist map which is basically more informative. But usually hotels don't put them on the hotel front, you have to ask for it!

Tip 7: Take some medicine and vitamins
Maybe you have influenze and some other not heavy diseases, take some medicine and vitamins is necessary.
Tip 8: Take your notebook
Record your contact number for your country’s embassy in China, your hotel number or your travel agency’s emergency number on your notebook, or put all contact information in your mobile or laptop.

We just advice you, and you also pack your trip according to your really needs. Hope it is helpful to you!