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Top 10 Must-sees in China

Great Wall
Magnificent Great Wall has known as one of the must visit places in China. It has long history and distance, more than thousand years old and covers over 8000 kilometers. Built from Ming Dynasty, today Great Wall offers the stunning and magnificent Wall to visitors.
Hiking the Wall will make you proud of yourself. Built along high mountains and deep cliffs, it has become the greatest and magical Wall! Walking through the Wall, create priceless experience and get the best chance to know about Chinese history and unbeatable project of ancient dynasties in China.

Terracotta Army
As a small part of Emperor Qin tomb complex, Terracotta Army which located in Xian has offer mysterious and sacred atmosphere to each visitors who comes. See thousand warrior sculptures include soldiers, archers, cavalrymen, horses and chariots which arranged in the battle formation. Those life-sized terracotta soldiers and horses which created over thousand years ago are incredibly amazing. With different facial expression, they are looks ready to start their battle to protect their emperor.
Listed as the greatest findings in the archeology world, Terracotta Army will give visitors an incredible feeling about China.

Sichuan Panda Reserve
Sichuan Panda Reserve is the earliest, largest and best-known panda reserve in China. It is also a home for mostly panda species in the world. There provides the ideal natural live environment for pandas include mountains, rivers and bamboo forests. There, visitors could see many cute pandas in their natural habitat live happily and being taken care of. Closely view the habits and life style of panda will be fun and fresh experience of you.
Hold a panda, see their adorable face and capture those best moments with your kids, friends and family.

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park
Jiuzhaigou Valley is located in the Jiuzhaigou County in Sichuan Province. It gets name because the fact that the valley surround by nine village. "Jiu" which means nine and "Zhai" means village. The valley has also known for its gorgeous karsts form and spectacular waterfalls, springs and lakes, a place recognized as Heaven on earth.
Covering 62 square kilometers, visitors will capture many stunning photograph while visiting the incredibly beautiful Jiuzhaigou Valley in China. Has reputation as world of fairy land, fascinating and marvelous sceneries will be found there.

Located not far from Guilin, Yangshuo offer the best nature karsts landscapes surround this small tourist town. Check out the beauty sceneries around the lake on the bamboo raft. In addition, explore this ancient town by bicycle past through rice paddies and limestone peaks will be a fabulous experience. Enjoy beauty nature landscape and old fashioned village in Yangshuo.
Provide wonderful cafes, restaurants, and hotels, Yangshuo have become a nice place to stop and explore the local countryside life style. Escape crowded and bustling big cities of China with visit Yangshuo vacation town.

Zhangjiajie is a famous tourist city in China, is one of the key tourist cities, and is famous for the first national forest park. Owing to the geography, stratum, structure and climate, it shapes colorful wonders of landform during the long history of almost 5,000 years, especially the Karst Landform. Also, it is the gathering place of Naxi Minority, attracts visitors to enjoy the Phoenix Ancient Town. In 1992, Wulingyuan Natural Scenic Spot including the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxiyu Scenic Spot and Tianzishan Scenic Spot was listed into the World Natural Heritage List by UNESCO.

Potala Palace
Potala Palace is famous as the Pearl of the Roof of the World, is the symbol of Lhasa and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and is the political power center. With long history of 1,300 years, Potala Palace is the highest and most majestic palace, collects the only one cultural heritage in snow area. It unlimitedly extends the bright Tibetan culture, is really the heritage belonging to world. As the outstanding symbol of Tibetan architectural art, this complex of buildings can be touched in-depth without any gloss.

Huangshan Mountain is one of the Ten Scenic Spots in China, is listed into the World Heritage List by UNESCO as the cultural heritage and natural heritage in 1990. Huangshan gathers all beautiful sceneries of famous mountains in China, especially the unique pine, strange stone, cloud-sea and spring. All of these are the wonders created by nature without any artificial trace. Huangshan Mountain is also famous for the holy land with rich resources, complete zoology, valuable view and the elegant environment.

Mogao Grottoes
Mogao Grottoes, also known as the Thousand-Buddha Cave, sits at Dunhuang which is the important place in Silk Road, is rated to be the most valuable cultural discovery in 20th Century, is famous for the exquisite mural paintings and statues. It is the largest Buddhism artistic holy land with the richest contents, is also one of the Four Grottoes in China, and was listed into the World Cultural Heritage. What Mogao Grottoes collects appropriately are the treasure of communication between China and foreign countries, and people all regard it as a pearl of Gansu Province.

Yangtze River
Yangtze River, the largest river in Asia and the third in the world, ranks only behind the Nile in Africa and the Amazon in South American. Its drainage area, length and water yield are the first in Asia. It starts from Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, through Sichuan Province, Chongqing, Hubei Province, etc, and flows into the East China Sea in Shanghai. Yangtze River is totally 6,397 kilometers, is called as the Mother River of Chinese nation with the Yellow River. As the cradle of Chinese nation, Yangtze River is the birth-land of ancient culture, and breeds the famous cultural systems.