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Wuxi is a city that rich in of rice, fishing and fruit. Wuxi is abundant with tin in the ancient time, but it exhausted because of excessive exploitation. The name of Wuxi means the city without tin.

The economical and culture developed rapid after the built of Grand Canal between Beijing~Hangzhou. The Grand Canal is a water passage connecting north and south China. Wuxi becomes a trade center for centuries with the influence of the Grand Canal.

Taihu Lake in Wuxi is the third largest fresh water lake. Also, the Lingshan Grand Buddha, Mei Garden, and Turtle Head Island are very famous attractions in China.


Lingshan Grand Buddha

Lingshan Grand Buddha located besides an ancient Buddhist Temple- Xiangxiang Temple, it is built between Tang and Song Dynasty(618AD-1127AD). Read More...

Li Garden

Li Garden is located in the Qingqi Village in Wuxi City. Read More...

Taihu Lake

Taihu Lake is the third largest freshwater lake in China. Read More...