Fairy Zechawa Valley in Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area
by Tracy


No matter which season it is, Jiuzhaigou always attracts loads of tourists with unique sceneries and charming environment. It houses numerous delicate spots decorated by pearl water, magnificent mountains and dazzling flowers. Now, I will introduce you a fairy land - Zechawa Valley.

Zechawa Valley in Jiuzhaigou

Breathtaking Layout of Zechawa Valley
As the brightest scenery line of Jiuzhaigou scenic area, Zechawa Valley receives loads of attention with unique landform and breathtaking sceneries. In this large scale area, this valley is the longest and highest route. People always regarded as this valley as the essence of Jiuzhaigou scenic area. The fairy environment is the most deserved to be praised. What the most attractive is that this valley can show different charming sceneries in different seasons. In spring, this valley is just the beautiful girl just waken up in the morning. During this period, everything here is seemed to be full of vigorous lives. If you want to get rid of the summer heat, come here to enjoy. In addition, the delicate scenic spots distributed will be most impressive.

Magic Mirror Cliff
Among the local people, here is also called Baojingyan. Measuring about 400 meters high, located at the mouth of Zharu, it faces the lakes scenery. The surface of the cliff is rather even. Because it looks like the mirror with tranquil environment, it gets the name of Baojingyan. First time coming to this area, you will feel you have been to another fairy world. It is said that the precious mirror was founded by the master of the mountain to suppress a devil who killed people cruelly. So, this cliff gets another name called Devil Cliff.

Seasonal Lakes
In the Zechawa scenic area, there are Lower Seasonal Lake and Upper Seasonal Lake. Each of them has typical features and appearances. Lower Seasonal Lake is near Zechawa Village housing typical local culture. What the most dazzling landscape is the grove of birches at the lakeside. In this grove, you can find strawberries and other wild fruits. Being surrounded by the cliffs, the upper seasonal lake is adjacent to the famous Five-Colored Pond. Because of the seasonal rainfall, the water in the lake is always blue. While in the early summer, the water dries up and turns into grassland as lots of grasses grow in the riverbeds.

If you are lingering along Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, have a special visit to Zechawa Valley. It is really a nice land deserved your visit!

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