Most Famous and Beautiful Deserts in China
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China not only famous for its historical and cultural sites, this big country also has the famous and beautiful deserts all over China. Among them, we will make a list some deserts which famous and popular as tourist destinations.

Echoing Sand Mountain & Crescent Moon Spring in Dunhuang, Gansu Province
Crescent Moon SpringLargest scale Echoing Sand Mountain

Located 5 km south from Dunhuang, it called Echoing Sand Mountain because echoes can be heard as the wind blows over the dunes. Slides down its slopes then you will hear the echoes to the sound of sand. At first, the sand under your feet just whispers; but the further you slide, the louder the sound will be until it reaches a crescendo like thunder or a drum beat. Some say that the sand is singing, while to others it is like an echo and this is how the mountain gets its name.
Another interesting destination around Echoing Sand Mountain is Crescent Moon Spring which is about covers about 100 meters long and 25 meters wide area. It is a natural wonder shape of crescent surrounded by desert. Having been lying among these sand dunes for thousands of years, Crescent Moon Spring is like giving you a new and fresh feeling after exploring Echoing Sand Mountain.

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Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang
Taklamakan DesertMost Mysterious Desert in China

Located in the heart of Silk Road, Xinjiang, Taklamakan Desert has known as the most mysterious desert in China. It is also regarded as the second largest quicksand desert in the world.
Taklamakan Desert or also known as Taklimakan and Teklimakan bounded by the Kunlun Mountains to the south, the desert Pamir Mountains and Tian Shan (ancient Mount Imeon) to the west and north, and the Gobi Desert to the east. Popular accounts claim that Takla Makan means "go in and you will never come out". It may also mean "The point of no return" or "The Desert of Death". You could bounced on camels into the Taklamakan Desert, discover different atmosphere that you will get along the way.

Badain Jaran Desert in Inner Mongolia
Badain Jaran DesertThird Largest Desert in China and the Fourth in the World

The Badian Jaran Desert is 49,000 squarekm and sparsely populated. It is a desert in China which spans the provinces of Gansu, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. By size, it has become the third largest desert in China and fourth in the world. The desert is also famous for having the tallest stationary sand dunes on earth. Some dunes reach a height of 500 meters.
Badain Jaran desert has cragged peaks, beautiful lakes, springs and temples, offer beautiful and stunning sceneries of desert. Unlike other dry deserts, Badain Jaran Desert is well known for its numerous scattered and colorful lakes, dotted with over 140 crystal lakes which mainly found in the southern region in the desert. Most of these are saltwater lakes, but there are also many pure springs. Today, Badain Jaran Desert has become a popular tourist attraction which offers beautiful and authentic desert view, lake and other scenic spots.

Offering mysterious and different feel, those deserts above are famous for the unique characteristic that make them become worth for visiting. Try to experience the dessert adventure while you come to China!

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