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Taiyuan is the capital city of Shanxi Province. Located in the center of the province, it is also the political, economic and cultural center of Shanxi.

Taiyuan is a city bounded on three sides by mountains. It has a long history and in ancient times was an important military town. At present, Taiyuan is one of China\'s heavy industrial cities and account for more than half the national coal mining output.

Taiyuan benefits from convenient public transport systems as the city is the provincial transportation hub. Accommodation facilities have become more and more advanced over recent years and range from 5-star hotels to a selection of comfortable guest houses.

The gourmand should be aware that Shanxi noodles are highly reputed all over China, as well as the local vinegar. Other local delicacies are the Tou Nao, the Steamed Dumpling, Sausages and Mutton Soup. To accompany these wholesome foods there are Fen Jiu (Fen Wine) and Zhuye Qing (Zhuye Qing Wine). As well as its cuisine the city is noted for products such as finely crafted lacquer ware.

While the local emphasis is upon heavy industry certain aspects of city life such as cultural development has suffered from some neglect. This could be a problem and needs action to be taken.


Jinci Temple

Located 25 kilometers (16 miles) to the southeast of downtown Taiyuan City, Jinci Temple is a combination of historical cultural relics and beautiful landscapes. Read More...

Taiyuan Travel Guide

TaiyuanisthecapitalcityofShanxiProvince.Locatedinthecenteroftheprovince,itisalsothepolitical,economicandculturalcenterofShanxi.Taiyuanisacityboundedonthreesidesbymountains.Ithasalonghistoryandinancienttimeswasanimportantmilitarytown.Atpresent,TaiyuanisoneofChina'sheavyindustrialcitiesandaccountformorethanhalfthenationalcoalminingoutput.Taiyuanbenefitsfromconvenientpublictransportsystemsasthecityistheprovincialtransportationhub.Accommodationfacilitieshavebecomemoreandmoreadvancedoverrecentyearsan