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The Most Favorite Times to Visit in China

1. Late Spring from late April to Early May
The second best time to visit China could be this time in the late spring. The temperature may be heating up from the early spring, not yet too hot. Get notice from the Labor Day Holiday Week (May 1-7), it is a week holiday and might be better if you avoid many tourist attractions and entertainment venues.
Spring could be delightful with the average temperature mostly the same as in autumn. Meanwhile in the North of China (Beijing, Xian) is still dry and warm, the summer rains are coming in the South (Guilin, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc). 

2. Summer from late May through August
China is uniformly warm, humid, and rainy in the summer from late May to August. It can be extremely hot with the temperatures over 30°C in the mostly cities in throughout China. Although it is a little bit hot, the scenery during the period is very beautiful especially the natural landscape. So it could be your ideal holiday weather since sunshine and warmth weather accompanying you. But do not forget to bring your umbrella in case it rains outside.

3. September
September might be the ideal time if you want to know better about many cultural traditions of Chinese during the Mid Autumn Festival, China second largest festival. It also symbolizes the beginning of autumn with cooler weather in the North of China. Prepare and bring some warmer clothes that might be you will need in the evenings.

4. October
In this month, it is the best time to visit China. The weather is mostly warm and relatively mild climate in the early autumn. You could also avoid the rain in the summer. October is an excellent time to travel anywhere in China include many famous cities such as, Beijing, Guilin, Xian, Shanghai etc. But you should get attention for the week of Chinese National Day (1st October). The first week of October is a public holiday, Chinese people will get a week off and tourist destinations are lot more crowded during that time.
In the late October, you could also see red leaves that blanketed mostly all of the parks in China. See incredible sceneries in many cities in China.

5. Winter from December to early March
Winter in the North of China might be a little bit cold, for example in Harbin. However, there are hiding many incredible winter sceneries and interesting activities that waiting for you. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival could be the highlight of the northeast Chinese city's annual winter festival. Here also provides many full equipped China ski resort where could be the place to exercise skiing skills.
There are some exceptions for some tropics cities including Shenzhen, Hongkong, Guangzhou, Macau, Kunming which enjoy mild winter. So those cities could be comfortably to visit in winter.

Famous Seasonal Attractions in China
There are China favorite and special attractions that you could better visit in the certain time of year.
1. Harbin
The incredible sculptures are made out of massive blocks of ice lit up with colorful LED lights. Many artists from around the world come and create many historical figures, fairy tale creatures and animals from huge blocks of ice.

2. Tibet
Tibet which has known as a roof of the world is only recommended to visit about half a year (May to September). Besides these months temperatures can drop at night and rise up to 20°C in the daytime. Explore many religion and culture sacred attractions, you could feel the authentic flavor of Lhasa in this early summer. 

3. Yunnan
All year maintains spring climate with mild weather. It is a charming place that offers beauty nature landscapes and famous natural scenic spots.

4. Hainan
As a tourist destination in the South of China, Hainan offers gentle sea breezes, lush tropical mountains and an abundance of sunshine. It has known as a tropical island, all year long with warm weather.