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Jinan is the capital of Shandong Province, it is located in the mid west of Shandong. Jinan is called the 'City of Springs' for there are many spings in Jinan.

Jinan has a history of more than 2000 years and there are many relics left in this city. Such as the ancient Great Wall left by Qi State (a state of the Zhou Dynasty (770B.C. - 221B.C.), the colored sculptures left in Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) in the Lingyan Temple, etc..

Jinan is also the cradle of Shandong Cuisine, one of the most 8 cuisine in China.


Thousand-Buddha Mountain

Thousand-Buddha Mountain is one of the most famous sightseeing in Jinan. The mountain was called Mt. Li in ancient times. Many Buddha's statues were engraved on the rocks of the mountain in Sui Dynasty (581-618) and the mountain was soon became famous.The Thousand-Buddha Temple is located at half way of the mountain, leaning against the cliff on the south and overlooking the Jinan City on the north. The temple consist of Daxiong Hall, Kwan-yin Hall, the Lauging Buddha Hall and Duihua Kiosk distr Read More...

Daming Lake Park

Daming Lake Park(the lake of great light) is located in the center of Jinan City, it is one of the 3 most famous sightseeings in Jinan. Daming lake is formed by many springs.Daming Lake Park covers an area of 860,000 square meters, the lake occupy 460,000 square meters. There are 6 islands spread over Daming Lake, with flowers, trees and other plants make these island attractive.Tie Xuan Temple is located at the northwest bank of the lake. It is built in 1792, for memorial to an official of Ming Read More...

Baotu Spring Park

Baotu Spring Park established in 1956 is located in the Jinan city. It is a symbol of Jinan City and it is one of the three major sightseeings in Jinan. It is a symbol of Jinan City and it is one of the three major sightseeings in Jinan. Read More...