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Chongqing is a well-known city with a history of more than 3000 years. It is the famous historical and cultural city in China. Chongqing is the birthplace of the Bayu Culture. At present, Chongqing is a municipality directly under the Central Government with the largest area, the most administrative districts and the largest population. The original area of the whole city is 82,000 square kilometers, governing former Chongqing, Wanxian, Fuling cities as well as 43 districts, cities and counties in the Qianjiang Region. Chongqing has a population of 30,020,000, most of them are of Han nationality. 49 other ethnic minorities, such as Tujia, Miao, Hui, Man, and Yi also live here but retain their own traditional customs. The colorful local customs have already become an important tourist attraction in Chongqing.

Chongqing has many attractions: cityscapes, mountains, revolutionary sites, cultural relics, parks, scenic spots, and natural beauty. The city offers a variety of choices for the visitor: from meetings and exhibitions, to sightseeing, shopping, dining and entertainment. Chongqing is variously known as "foggy city", "mountain city", and "furnace city". The central urban area of Chongqing is wedged between the Yangtze River and the Jialingjiang River, surrounded by hills and mountains. With green hills and clear waters, the scenery is unique. Buildings are massed in picturesque disorder near the mountains and at the rivers' edge. From a vantage point at night, one can see a myriad of glittering lights, contrasting pleasantly with clear glistening lights from the waves of two rivers and flashing stars all over the sky. This combination makes for a magnificent scene.


Fengdu Snowy Jade Cave

In the ghost country Fengdu, on the steep cliffs above the Longhe canyon, there is a beautiful, mysterious cave-Snowy Jade Cave, also called Xue Yudong.Xue Yudong is only 12 kilometers from the new county of Chongqing Fengdu, and across the Yangtze river with the Mountains of Fengdu. Read More...

Qutang Gorge

Below White Emperor City you will enter Qutang Gorge, the first of the three gorges of the Yangtze River, and the one that is famous for its sheer and spectacular precipices. Read More...

Fengdu Ghost City

The Ghost City Fengdu, which also called the "City of Ghosts" on the Ming Hill is 170 km from the east of Chongqing with a history of 1,900 years. Read More...