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Chinese Medicine

The "Chinese tradtional medicine" we are talking about now doesn't mean that merely those produce in China can be called Chinese traditional medicine but that it is the medication applied by the medical theory produced in China. It generally refers to all kinds of natural resources in nature that can be used as medicine such as plants, animals and minerals, etc. It has several thousand types. Most of these medicines have a long application history. For the past thousands of years, they provide sufficient and reliable guarantee for the health and multiplication of the Chinese nation as a main weapon for preventing and curing of diseases. It is an important part of Chinese traditional medicine.

Chinese Medicine

Tongrentang Pharmacy

Tongrentang, or Tong Ren Tang (Chinese: 同仁堂) is a Chinese pharmaceutical company founded in 1669, which is now the largest producer of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The headquartered of this company is located in Beijing, and is engaged in both manufacture and retail sales, operating medicine stores predominantly in Northeast China.Like many older Chinese companies, Tong Ren Tang has struggled to adapt to market changes. In recent years, Tong Ren Tang has modernized its facilities, a Read More...

Chinese Medicine

Naming: Chinese traditional medicine has a great variety with complicated names, which is related with the change of era and the difference in places. On the whole, the naming of Chinese traditional medicine mostly accord with place of origin, performance, growth character, shape, smell, the part used as medicine and the name of the discoverer, etc.Processing: It is the processing of medication. The exertion of the efficiency of medication is, first of all, determined by the function of medicati Read More...