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Handshake ceremony

The order when shake hands is based on people's social status, age, gender and other conditions of both sides. When older people and the young shake hands with Handshake Ceremonyeach other, older people should first reach out their hands and then the young persons can hold it; People of higher status shake hands with the lower, the higher should first reach out their hands; Women shook hands with the men, women should first reach out their hands before the men; married shake hands with the unmarried, married should first reach out their hands before the unmarried, and so on. In public occasions, the order when you reach out your hand to shake hands with the others primarily depends on the position and status. In social occasions and casual occasions, mainly depends on age, gender and marital status.


(1) Self-introduction: self-introduction is to introduce themselves to other people for the other people could know about them. Self-introduction, in addition to introducing the name, it will also introduce the specific work unit and the work you engaged in.
(2) Introduction by others is an introduction method refers to a third party introduces both sides who do not know each other.
(3) The collective introduction is a special form refers to the people who are introduced are more than one person or two people, and even nore. Introduction  sequence: introduce the lower status to the higher status first; introduced the younger to the elder first; introduced the guests to the host first, introduce men to women first; introduce the people that come later to those who were present first.