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Avoid Tourist Traps & Scams

Inevitably, travel in China you will meet some traps you never like. Do not let these traps disturb your traveling mood, so carefully read the traps we list below, they will help you avoid them. Have a good trip in China!

Free tour guide
These free tour guides always appear at the hottest tourist city in China, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, etc. Well-dressed people approach tourists and offer to be a free tour guide, and they will just leads you to one or two attractions and all the while learning more about you to find the best way to get your money. Remember, there is no free lunch in the world!

Super-cheap tour
There are many cheap tours offer to you when you arriving at some cities of China. With such low price, they will take you to many shopping places and force you to buy lots of things, and the time you spent in these shops is more than you stay at attractions. And the services are not very good, so you should find a trustful travel agency before.

Ticket scam
When you joining a tour, or being guided at a local spots, you may be offered a higher priced ticket with a performance you never want to watch. So buying ticket through the regular way is the wise choice.

Expensive souvenir
In China, there are many souvenir stalls selling the ordinary souvenirs with an incredible high price in some famous scenic spots. They always sell these expensive souvenirs o foreign tourists who do not speak Chinese. If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can go to the market of local city.

Expensive taxi
These taxis always refer to the illegal taxi or cars have no permission as taxis. You can encounter then everywhere you need taxi. These expensive taxis always not only overcharge you but also take you out into the middle of nowhere where several of the black taxi driver-friend showed up and took all of the tourists belongings.

Counterfeit money
Watching out for the counterfeit Chinese money! Do not talk to someone want to change money of your, it is a scam. And you should care about the returned deposits, such as hire bike or in change. And the money you get from the ATM or a bank won't be fake. Always do currency exchange at a Bank of China, a reputable hotel, or other recognized place.

Be careful about the stories that beggars come up with when they asking money, it just is a way for earning money for them. And you always encounter some children beg to you, but most of time they are forced to beg. Try to avoid them.

Beware of pick-pockets in crowded spots, streets, markets, buses, etc. And they always take knives with them, so just beware of them, but do not talk to them. And most time they are working together, so what you should do is always keep your eyes on your bags, and carry your wallets in a front pocket or a pocket inside your coat, especially in the late evening alone.

What we can do just remind of you, so you should protect yourself and do anything by the standard way.