Amazing Trip to Stunning Summer Palace and Great Wall!
by Andrea Morris


The Tour We Join: Beijing Badaling Great Wall, Summer Palace Day Tour by Bus

The tour that we joined was relatively cheap, only for US$ 30 we could have a whole day tour to Great Wall and Summer Palace (famous imperial garden of China). Here, you can see our pictures that we took during the tour.

Summer Palace

First, our destination comes to Summer Palace, classical garden of Ming and Qing dynasty of China. The garden views were stunning and exactly surrounded by numerous cultural relics around it.

Summer Palace

Each of building inside the garden has its own history behind, all of it explained by our guide. Very interesting to know several stories behind it!

Summer Palace

Here is one of famous cultural relic which located in the middle of the garden, at Kunming Lake, huge manmade lake in Summer Palace. As you can see the lake changed into ice because of cold weather.

Summer Palace

Stunning Summer Palace regarded as largest and best preserved imperial garden of Qing Dynasty. It was an escape place for emperor and his family from city summer heat. What a great summer resort!

Badaling Great Wall

Next trip to the Great Wall at Badaling, closest section from Beijing. My experience on Great Wall was not really special, but I should admit that the Wall has its power, magic and strong. Overall, I am satisfied from what I got from our full 1 day tour.

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